Tibor Feledi Kairos Quintet



"Original music inspired by the tradition of Slovak children's songs in an unconventional groovy connection with contemporary progressive jazz. A fusion of electronic music, post-bop and free improvisation will take you right out of the exosphere..."

The debut album "Common Playgrounds" has won the Slovak Radio_Head Awards 2018 "Album of the Year" in the Jazz Music category.

Tibor Feledi Kairos Quintet:

Tibor Feledi - keys
Michal Šelep - bass guitar
Lenka Molčányiová - alto saxophone
Juraj Dávid Raši - drums
Michal Cálik – trumpet

Common Playgrounds - studio documentary

It´s during our childhood when we are the most creative and free. Our imagination knows no boundaries. In common playgrounds, we experience the most magical moments and adventures that will not happen again. They cast their spell on us. At that moment these thoughts occupy our whole reality and we are able to perceive the present fully. Every one of us was once a child with everything that involves, although sometimes we forget the charm.

Slovak children´s songs that inspired this album encompass parts of memories of this period of life. The recollections don´t come in cycles anymore but in a spiral, influenced by the events of life that came after the end of “childhood”. The compositions portrait not only the playfulness and freedom of the child´s soul in ourselves, but also the complexity of our adults lives.  

Kairos is the moment of inspiration.
It´s the perfect moment in time.
It´s when it´s best to decide.
And when it´s right to act.
Kairos is something that keeps happening
In space, in presence, it´s motionless.

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